Thursday, 11 January 2018

Not a lot of progress

By the time I get home, prepare dinner for the DBEM and me and go for my daily walk there is little evening left to put needle to fabric or even read my pile of library books.

So rather than tussle with Arabian Nights I pulled out the half started Hardanger Bag and have made a little progress on that.   The border along the top is the last for this piece of the bag.
While I laughingly said I would need Hardanger Therapy now I had embarked on a free style embroidery project I didn't imagine it would be so soon:-)

The DBEM hasn't been well but is a little better tonight so I promised her that if she keeps well for Saturday I will take her out.  She is doing her best but our current heat and humidity are not easy to tolerate when you reach the decade beginning with an 8.


  1. I hope your mother is feeling much better soon and that you both get out on Saturday.

  2. Beautiful hardanger you do such lovely work, hope your mum is better soon.

  3. Your hardanger is always lovely to see. I hope that you do both get out tomorrow.

  4. I hope you and your mom had a lovely weekend. Your hardanger always looks lovely :)