Monday, 8 May 2017

A bit of this a bit of that

The knitting made progress.   Well, to be more grammatically correct, I made progress on the knitting.  The back is finished which is the signal - time for some stitching.
So it's back to the green diamonds!   But the end of this project is in sight too.  This arrangement seems to be working for me.   A short break gives added impetus.
Tonight I planted some sweet pea seeds with which I hope to bring pleasure to the DBEM in a few months time.
And I cooked this ginormus lump of meat that the beef cattle on Little Brother's mini-farm generously gave me:-)   The DBEM and I will feed on this for several days!
Last weekend was my 6 weekly grocery shop.   The DBEM likes wheatmeal sandwich bread and although the "proper" brand is nearly $4 a loaf, home brand is $1.   But happy dance - on Saturday I struck a bargain.  Guess what is filling up my freezer now:-)   I've always been a little envious of the "yellow sticker" bargains my UK friends talk about as we never seem to get those bargains here.  For a producing nation, New Zealand food costs are high.   But on this occasion I won.  Hooray!
And now it's back to needle and thread.


  1. Wow I love your knitting and embroidery so much
    It's so pretty.
    Love and smiles x

  2. The knitting is growing itself very nicely!
    The sweetpeas will be wonderful for Mum as they smell so lovely.

  3. Beautiful knitting and stitching. Isn't it great to know a few meals are taken care of. And so happy you hit a bargain. Fresh food especially is always expensive here.

  4. That really is a colourful mix in this post! Great progress on the knitting, have fun with the green diamonds, and that meat is making me oh so hungry...