Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The next "adventure"

Some years ago I received an embroidered pencil case from my boss' wife.   It has been in regular use in my handbag ever since.   But alas!  The inside has a plastic-feel fused lining which now is rather sticky to touch.   Time for a new one.
I dug through my stash knowing that I had no navy fabric suitable but this ecru lugana should serve the purpose.  
DMC perle #8 in black should give a suitable contrast.  And if I cannot imitate the embroidery from the case itself, this book of Kogin patterns should surely provide something :-)
I have microsuede for lining and a zip and matching binding so this little project will cost me nothing but time.
So when my hardanger is I go on Japanese kogin adventure.


  1. What a great project! I love the repeating of the login patterns.

  2. Before I read Pamela's comment I was thinking she would be interested. It is a beautiful pencil case and I am sure your new one will be equally unique, but with a better lining.
    Bon voyage!

  3. I like the new project, looks like it will be useful as well as beautiful.

  4. Kogin embroidery has a really interesting look to it, so I'm looking forward to seeing this new project of yours :)

  5. Looks as if it will be an interesting project.