Friday, 19 May 2017

Welcome Home

Today I took annual leave so as to devote a whole day to "life administration" and very successful it has been too.
A hair cut, shopping, dentist and then to collect my old friend Elna from the repair shop.
She is sewing quietly and smoothly and I am very pleased to have her back.   At a cost of $190 for her overhaul, I figure her upkeep to be $10 per year I have known her.   She's not an expensive friend:-)
Talking of friends, I did a favour for a colleague at work and she presented me with these beautiful tulips.   Feels strange to have Spring flowers indoors when outside the golden colours of Autumn are predominant.
Tonight I am off to the City for a date with Ian Rankin - well more honestly, he is to give a lecture as part of the Readers and Writers Festival and as an ardent Inspector Rebus fan I couldn't possibly miss a date with Ian.
Tomorrow I hope to have an update on the Kogin Pencil Case Fiasco....


  1. Love your flowers.
    Sending you hugs and smiles x

  2. MY Elna is at the repair shop right now. HER overhaul will cost me half of what you paid, and she will have a new display installed. I agree, Elna is not an expensive friend.
    What happened to the Kogin pencil case?!

  3. Gorgeous tulips, what a nice way to welcome Elna home.
    Enjoy your date with Ian.

  4. Oh, I love inspector Rebus!! How I'd love to hear Ian Rankin-enjoy!!

  5. I'm glad Elna is fully functioning again! Such a trusty (and cheap) friend!