Saturday, 27 May 2017


Today I travelled across the city to visit the much advertised Woolfest Auckland.   In a large and somewhat gloomy old winery shed, turned into a gymnasium, a multitude of spinners, weavers, dyers and growers of artisan wools displayed their goods.   Not being an avid knitter like the DBEM I was able to resist temptation and merely admire.
However the mathematical precision of this rectangle loom weaving was a major temptation   Can you see the lady sitting in front left?   She was enthusiastic to explain to me how I could weave a lovely wool scarf.   It was tempting but I resisted and merely took the information.
Next around the corner was the Navajo Spinning lady.   I had never seen this before and was intrigued.  Rolling the spindle against her leg seemed to be the main technique and I wondered if that made one thigh thinner than the other.   She says no! The yarn was not an even ply but of a knobbly texture and she weaves it into wonderful fabric for vests, jackets, hats etc.

I am on the last stretch of the Hardanger Runner and tonight hope to get more of the cutwork completed.   There may be a finish to show soon.   And I have tacked up the next project :-)


  1. It looks like an interesting event Margaret. There's a huge wool event here in Edinburgh usually once a year but I never make the effort to go as it is so crowded.

  2. What an interesting event! I look forward to seeing your Hardanger Runner.

  3. The weaving looks great, I can see why you were tempted!

  4. It is always interesting to see the work and craft of others, even for things one does not want to do oneself. I bet it was a good day!

  5. Every interesting event
    Smiles x

  6. How interesting! I admire your strength to resist.