Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Shepherds

The coloured portion of this band is complete.  I rather love the little cardinals.   We don't have those birds in New Zealand but they are certainly more colourful than our birds.
Now I am working on the white band and first is what is called Broad Cross Stitch.
A really 3D stitch this has 8 steps for each complete stitch.   I am wondering if there will be enough of the white silk to complete this.  
Today I planted five planter boxes - two with flowers for the DBEM.   Pink and blue petunias which I hope will provide a great deal of pleasure for both of us.   Also lettuce and silverbeet which will definitely feed both of us.
Now I am ready to take the lasagne out of the oven and that is the last item on my weekend To Do List.


  1. I love your stitching on this sampler. I have now put this design on my wishlist.

  2. What a delightful design. Love it. Ummmmmm....lasagna sounds good!

  3. I hope all is well in your part of New Zealand after the earthquake. I'm thinking of you.

  4. The pictorial part is lovely. Until I started following American blogs I did not realise that cardinals actually looked like that in real life! I thought they were cartoon representations of birds, like Disney's bluebirds LOL

  5. Wonderful progress on your sampler, Margaret! The red cardinals do add a nice touch of brightness. :)