Saturday, 5 November 2016

Spring Cleaning

With Spring almost over and my Spring Cleaning not yet completed I set to and polished, wiped and generally cleaned the sunporch today.   Now I bask in the after glow of satisfaction that one complete room is crossed off The List.
The DBEM decided to help by sorting out the old photographs.
One pile for each sibling.  The biggest pile for the sibling whom I have nominated to be Family Historian.   Next week these will be sent to each one and I will be happy with the space in the cupboard and the knowledge, that while the DBEM can still see a little we have notated and archived some family history.   I am almost totally without sentimentmyself but found two photographs of the DBEM as a young girl that reminded me of photos of myself at a similar age.   Those I have kept to look at when folks say to me "you look like your father".   I shall look at these ancient photographs and smugly think-  You Are Wrong!


  1. Lol! Your post made me smile. Congrats on having a sparkling sun porch 😃

  2. It's such a good idea to label the family photos, especially when people look similar to each other.
    My brother scanned a lot of the old photos onto the computer so my Mum and her brother could each have a copy.