Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My men friends

Tonight I put buttons, eyes and mouths on all my little men friends.   The DBEM did a taste test and they passed.
Now all I have to do is put them into little cellophane bags.   For Christmas the friends who live locally are getting a boxed sampler selection of home baked goodies.
Most years I do this for at least some of my friends and each year the selection is different.   The 2016 edition will be Gingerbread men, Apricot and Orange Coconut Balls, Walnut Shortbread, and mini mini Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The first of these is to be delivered next Sunday afternoon.   Kathy has a very busy social schedule so she and I start Christmas early!  Actually last year we ran out of time and so exchanged Christmas gifts at the end of January.   Both of us thought that such an extended festive season was not a good idea so we have gone the other way for 2016 :-)


  1. Breaking Royal News - Queen to be Great-Grandma again. Zara Phillips is expecting a second baby.
    I am sure they would like a gingerbread man!

  2. That's a lovely idea Margaret! I know all those friends will be delighted!

  3. what happy, friendly looking gingerbread men you've made!

  4. I loved that angel and your hardanger is beautiful. I tried once and found it hard to keep even and neat. What a great idea to give home baked goodies. Who doesn't like gingerbread men. Yes, you are definitely on the ball this year!