Saturday, 19 November 2016

Sweet peas and fairies

My lovely colleague Susan brought these from her garden and rather than leave them on my desk they have come home with me.
The DBEM loves sweet peas and is peering closely at my plants each day but as yet no flowers.   Thank you Susan for giving us this bunch of fragrance.
A couple of weeks ago I sewed this little dress for my great-niece.   I fell in love with the Cicely Mary Barker fairies and the internet provided the "Pillowcase dress" pattern and Mackenzie loves it.   No photographs of her wearing it yet but happy dances all round :-)


  1. What an adorable little dress!

  2. Lovely flowers and sweet little dress.

  3. Ahh, blessings-a good boss, pretty blossoms and the cutest little dress for a little girl.

  4. I love sweet peas also. That's a lovely dress for your great-niece.