Tuesday, 29 November 2016


I was a late starter with both these projects.
Sweet Pea seed planted at the time stated on the packet came to nothing so I put in some plants, a bamboo teepee and voila.... they are beginning to flower.   The DBEM watches their progress daily and we both look forward to a fragrant display.

The Ackworth Quaker trend bypassed me a few years ago.   Well, I purchased several charts but never got around to stitching them until now.   Despite some kilometres of reverse stitching on this one I am making good progress and am enjoying the colour, the fabric and the rhythm of the cross stitch motifs.


  1. I really like this project! You are so good to baste everything. I should but don't, then wish I had when I've made mistakes counting.

  2. Lovely sweetpeas and great progress on the Quakers. I do like Quaker designs.

  3. I'm always so envious of you at this time of year when you approach summer and we approach winter. Lovely pink sweet pea and very neat design.

  4. We tried for several years to grow them in Michigan, just too warm, bleaches the leaves and no scent 😢 Shame, as a happy reminder of 1st daughter's birth in Dorset, in August. Lovely stitching, Margaret.