Saturday, 7 March 2015

The end of "The First Week"

This week has gone by in a flash of new experiences and extreme tiredness.   Each night I managed a few stitches before falling into bed exhausted and after a restless seven hours it was up to start again.
This morning, when I didn't have work,  I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed and quietly rose to begin the list of chores headed Saturday.   There is also a list in my notebook labelled Sunday and another labelled Next trip To Town.  Do I hear you ask why?   Well my work place is on a busy road flanked on both sides by vehicle sales yards and surrounded by various small depots servicing the automotive industry.   Across the road is a huge supermarket and diagonally opposite is a huge DIY Megastore.   So there is no interesting place to wander at lunchtime and no opportunity to do those minor chores like new watch battery, return books to library etc etc   However no shops around work means no spending money so there are hidden blessings:-)
Anyway, stitching progress for this week is a bowl of grapes for one end panel of my Sampler Casket.   The bowl is yet to be finished and I plan on completing those Queen Stitches tonight.   Either side is a panel of flowers.  The other end of the Casket has a Strawberry panel.   Once both ends are done I plan on a 'Hardanger Vacation' again as that stitching rotation seems to suit me.
Tomorrow the HD3QBEM and I are going to a fabric store out the west side of the city to look for some dress material for moi.   I'd like another jersey knit fabric wrap dress for work and as the weatherman tells us that Autumn is in the air it seems sensible to get prepared.
But tonight I am going to bed early and will read a book.   I stocked up again at the library today.
Good night.


  1. Glad you made it through the first week of the new job! Isn't it great to have the weekend to do do all those chores?
    The casket stitching looks great.

  2. Enjoy your weekend Margaret, you deserve a break after such a busy week. Hope you find the fabric you want.

  3. Glad you survived the first week! I guess you'll have to change your hobbies if you want to do any lunchtime shopping now.
    Nice progress on the bowl of grapes though.

  4. The first week on a new job passes in a flash and is exhausting. Soon enough you will get used to it!
    Having nowhere to wander at lunch time could mean having time to do a wee bit of stitching!

  5. It has taken me more than a year to figure out where all the stuff I need is now (pet store, grocery store--and I still don't know the layout by heart--etc). Good luck.