Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I'm an AO!

Today was my first at the new job.   I am officially an Administration Officer =AO and feel exhausted with so much to remember and so many new experiences.  Besides which Probation Services have a completely different clientele and at times I felt rather out of my depth.   The other staff are very supportive.  I was taken on a visit to the Police Cells and tomorrow accompany a probation officer on offender visits.   This is merely part of the orientation and will not be a part of my actual daily work.   Still, all is good and I am sure that in time I will feel more at home and have more energy at the end of a day.  
Five months of "time off" was great but it is back to work now and I fear that stitching progress may slow down :-(
After finishing the panel for the Sampler Casket I felt the need for hardanger so stash provided linen and thread.  
The piece is now full of "skeletons" waiting for the next break in Casket Stitching when they will be finished.   Amazing that a smallish piece of linen can fit a pochette (bottom left), a tassel (top left), a biscornu (to be stitched on the two tacked out squares either side of the hardanger triangle ), three berlingot (in drawn thread - one done and two only tacked out ) and a needlebook and liner (bottom right).
The Christmas Tree is laced and nearly all the ingredients for completion are sourced so I am ready to go.   The ribbons for the base and a clipping of fake holly may have to wait until nearer Christmas as they aren't in shops at present.   Photo to follow.
Today is Girls Day in Japan and with impeccable timing my friend Sonoko sent me a package containing appropriate goodies.   What's more, the courier brought the package just before I left for work so I was able to wonder all day what the contents would be.   Tonight I have opened up and taken photos to share.   Thank you very very much Sonoko.
Chocolates -  special Girls Day chocolates!!!

I have shared with the HD3QBEM - a consolation for her first day on her own!
Also a cute box shaped like a Japanese sandal and filled with sweets and some other items I neglected to photograph.
And very necessary Ohinasama dolls.   I will keep these carefully to display each year.
Wasn't this a wonderful surprise.   I have had a good day.


  1. I know you going to be very busy with the job..
    The casket is so beautiful ...
    I love all your stitching..
    Hugs xxx

  2. Congratulations on your first day! And those chocolates are ALMOST too beautiful to eat! I agree, my job gets in the way of my stitching, too. LOL

  3. Congratulations on your new job! I started my new job yesterday as well and I feel the same as you. A tad overwhelmed and so tired trying to keep everything straight. You'll get used to everything and get a routine soon!

  4. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds very interesting.
    I have never heard of Girls' Day but I love those chocolates, they are so beautiful! It must be so hard to actually eat them!
    The hardanger is looking great, a good reason to keep all scraps of fabric!

  5. Your stitching time will be greatly reduced for a while Margaret. When you get home from work you'll be tired out:-)

  6. What beautiful chocolates! After four years off, those first months were so exhausting! I hope you can get back in the workday groove soon and then have lots of lovely finishes to share. Good luck.