Saturday, 21 March 2015

Results are thin on the ground this week

Each day had been filled to the brim from 6am until I fall to sleep at 10pm but little stitching has been done!   The clientele of my new job populate my dreams and create restless nights so I waken feeling less than refreshed.   Oh the joys of a new job:-)   But this is the view from the car which I park only a short walk from the Court House where I work.  A view from the very North End of Auckland SuperCity.
However I did complete the grape panel of the Sampler Casket and am pleased with progress on this. A strawberry panel for the other end and then the very interesting lid panel are the only pieces left.
Last night I managed to stitch together the back and front of the Hardanger Christmas Tree and while out today bought ribbon to stitch over the join.   I will have to wait until much later this year to get the artificial holly and pine cones to place at the base although I will 'plant' it in its pot now.
Today was once again a full list of chores and at 6am this morning I was baking muffins having promised to contribute two dozen to an upcoming function at church.   Household cleaning, washing, a haircut, a trip to the library, grocery shopping and yet another trip to the yarn store for the HD3QBEM.   Yes!   She cogitated for a week and found the 20% off irresistible :-)
There are still the floors to wash and then I hope to finish a small hardanger scissor fob so may have more photos next time.


  1. You are so busy! I'm impressed with how much stitching you have gotten done.

  2. Very pretty stitches my dear
    Happy stitching xx

  3. I don't know how you can concentrate on hardanger after a working day Margaret. It's funny how a new job takes over your mind in the initial weeks till it all settles to being the "norm".

  4. Oh the joys of a new job and the challenges of an old one. Find time to stitch, read and exercise--you will need these to keep your sanity with the job

  5. That is an amaizng view, it's so nice to be higher than the surrounding area.
    Your casket is looking great and the tree is adorable.
    Hope things settle down for you soon.