Saturday, 14 March 2015

Oh dear oh dear

Today was once again filled with pre-scheduled chores but thrown awry by an unexpected doctor visit, blood test and a multiplicity of road works on almost every road travelled!
But the biggest spanner in the works was this.....
The HD3QBEM was shocked to find this sign on the wool shop window but delighted to see a 20% off sign on the wool shelves inside!   Her express intention was to buy only three balls of yarn to knit a garment for the new Great-Granddaughter, but who can resist a bargain, and somehow an extra eight balls of yarn came home with us.
My stitching took a side road this week too and I have been working on this.....
Great Niece Number One is already here and goes by the pretty name of Inara Calliope, but this band is to be stitched on a soft white towel for Great Niece Number Two who is to arrive next month and for whom a baby shower is planned next weekend.  Name as yet unknown hence this non-specific choice.   A sustained effort this evening should complete this gift and I can then return to the basket of grapes for my Sampler Casket.
Now I am back working full time there seem to be less minutes for stitching, reading and even the gym.   However the initial exhaustion of adjusting to a new workplace will surely fade and life may return to something close to normal.   I hope so!


  1. Glad your mom got such a good deal on the yarn!
    Some day I'll be going back to work full time and I don't want to think about less time for stitching.

  2. It's a pity the wool shop is closing down but it's all too common these days. Your mum is looking well Margaret, I hope she's adjusting to your being back to work once more.

  3. Life is full of changes, shops close down, work suddenly takes stitching time away from us... but we adjust. Your mum will find another source for her yarn, and you will work out a way to find time for embroidery.
    The towel will be such a lovely gift.

  4. Nothing like a bargain! The baby design is very cute.
    And Calliope is a fantastic name.