Monday, 12 September 2011

A Road Trip to visit Little Brother

Gidday Mate!   She and the HDHBEM took me on a road trip to visit the Little Brother on his Mini Farm.   What a trip -  I travelled well in the travel pod that Stewey provided for me and every so often she took me out for a photo opportunity.   Celebrity status I assure you.
Here we are on our way leaving home. 

HDHBEM had to stop at the opthalmologist on the way and there were no photos there, of me anyway.   My hostess looked at the photos of the HDHBEM's eyes and discussed everything with the kind doctor but I didn't understand a word.   All seems to be well though.
A quick stop for petrol and we were away.

This country has lots of green fields and animals but also a giant apple !!

We travelled past these alpacas

Mt Ruapehu is an active volcano in the middle of the North Island and this deer farm was near there.  

Oh dear or dear  she had promised to show me lambs but so far nothing.   My diminutive size meant I couldn't see out the windows too well but I trusted her to fulfill her promise!

Finally we arrived at our first night stay.   A small town called Taihape.  Famous for .... gumboots!   Once a year they have a great Gumboot Throwing Competition -  how strange is that.   Anyway, here we stayed.   Look at my huge bed. 

When I commented on the extreme size and said I felt lost in all this space, she asked me if I'd rather stay here?!?!

The HDHBEM took me and her to Gumboot Manor for dinner.  Cute table number!   Big meal but enjoyed by all.

We went to the LNS, aptly named The Quilted Gumboot.   And....they had quilted gumboots. Look, look, look!

She bought some goodies here for me to take to my next hostess.   It's exciting going shopping with her and I think I have caught a New Zealand Disease -  "spending other peoples money syndrome".   I discussed this with the HDHBEM and she told me there is no known cure for that disease but in some cases it is confused with generosity.   The HDHBEM told me that my previous hostesses had the generosity variant but she wasn't too happy to commit about this one!

Finally we got to Little Brother's mini-farm.   I'm absolutely sure she said Little Brother but I made her take this photograph as it seems I must have misunderstood and she said Little Mother.   Look at the two of them together!!

He was really kind to me and even though he chortled at my many names he held me up for a view over the fields

and took me on a walk to meet his calves.  

Strange though, all of them are boy calves and they aren't so popular with dairy farmers.   They get called Bobby and end up at one year old being meat on a plate.  Little Brother has five Bobbys -  one is for him, one for the neighbour and three are for the works.   I don't know what he means by that - maybe only those three get roast vegetables and mint sauce added?

On the way home we had some beautiful Tip Top icecream -  I looooove New Zealand ice cream.   The HDHBEM has Apricot Ripple and she had Spicy Apple Crumble and I ..... well I just looked on with envy.

The hot chocolates come with extras  -  I tell myself that a lick on the lips is a lifetime on the hips but everytime I yield to temptation.   Those little red balls are called Jaffas -  chocolate on the inside and orange on the outside.
Well I think that has to be all for tonight.   I'm feeling tired and need to regain my strength.   She tells me there is a photo shoot tomorrow and I am required as model.   Whatever can that be?
Anyway, good night to all.


  1. Miss Flossie - - you are having a great trip.
    Thanks for making your host take all the photos . . we can see you are being well cared for :)

  2. Still enjoying my "ride along" - you live in a beautiful country Margaret.