Sunday, 18 September 2011

My masterpiece is now on display!!

While away with Madame Muriel recently, I called at the lovely Sarah's and collected my masterpiece.

 It is now hanging on the wall of my lounge directly opposite my stitching chair where I can enjoy viewing it.   Even though it was months in progress I have never tired of this piece and still delight in it and in the knowledge I gained from the fantastic notes accompanying the chart.   Many thanks to Gift of Stitching!

The 12 Days of Christmas are almost complete -  only the 12th day to go now.  I intend to finish these as individual tree ornaments for niece number three.  I'm very pleased that for these I used up left over linen and floss from my stash.

Here's a close up of the 11th day -  but only two drummers!!   This series are numerically challenged.  And size wise they are not totally satisfying as all are different sizes and many are different shapes -  but in the charts there are historical notes about this "rhyme" which makes interesting reading as well as stitching.   Once I have finished these I intend to pass on the charts so have a think about whether or not you would like this set.   I'll let you know later when the draw is to be held.

I had a diversion this week with a couple of gifts to stitch.   These are now done and will go on their journey this week so it is back to my normal stitching routine.   Brooks Books "Brides Tree Ornaments are next on the list and I have tacked up the linen for those.   I intend to finish them as a table runner for niece number two - probably for Christmas 2012!!

There have been other diversions too.   The blog that first introduced me to this wonderful world of needlework blogging is Dani of  The Peacock's Feather and through Dani I found "Stuck in A Book" and Simon has revived my addiction to libraries and second hand book shops and extended the scope of my reading too!   But in all fairness I should say that I was not at all reluctant!   Through him I have revived my love affair with Lord Peter Wimsey;  been seduced into total silence as I read Mr Briggs Hat; etc etc. Anyway this afternoon the HDHBEM and I went out to a nearby suburb where lurks the Hard To Find Book Shop.   Now I cannot make up my mind whether it is the books that are hard to find or is it the bookshop?  
Inside this tiny store is a labyrinth of bookshelves, precarious looking ladders, stacks of books - all old but some ancient-  a sleeping cat and two armchairs in which reside lifesize stockinette dolls dressed as old men and reading books!

Only a shortage of time and a knowledge that I had been to the library twice last week prevented my haul from being larger than this!!

Currently beside my bed I have the following.....
and these ....

The BBC World Book Club has to hold some responsibilty for the top two of this pile but "The Earth Hums in b Flat" is totally the result of my daily dose of "Stuck in a Book".

No prizes for guessing how my evenings are spent!   My only problems are that the evenings are never long enough.

So its good night to all now as I was my dinner dishes, prepare my lunch box for tomorrow and complete the final Christmas ornament.   Have a great evening everyone.


  1. I am not surprised at the continuing feeling of pride, Margaret! It really looks beautiful. I have an Eileen Bennett sampler at the top of the stairs and almost give the frame a little pat each time I pass! Because of a BBC programme I rediscovered PG Wodehouse and have the voices of Fry and Laurie in my head as I read!

  2. Your Historical Sampler looks fantastic, the framer had to have been impressed with your work.

  3. How absolutely beautiful your work is. I love it.

  4. Wow ! Love your sampler. Nice work.

  5. The framed Historical Sampler is beautiful and will probably occupy a special place on your walls!! I especially love folk motifs and think it is a simply lovely piece of stitching. A while ago, however, you promised some close-up pictures of the faggoting and whitework areas of the sampler. Could you please post some to your blog? Thanks, Adele

  6. I'm so pleased to have revived book love! Although I must confess I actually loathe Lord Peter...

  7. Your HS is just spectacular andlooks stunning framed!! I am just in love with the ornaments!! Congrats!!!

  8. Your masterpiece is truly stunning! There are those few special pieces that every time you look at them you have a sense of pride and happiness, those really are personal masterpieces.