Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Bus Trip to the City

Good afternoon all.  

Today my hostess and I took a bus ride to The City.   She had to go and choose new spectacles and I was taken to see some of the city sights.  

We walked down the streets past the Old Art Gallery which is joined to the New Art Gallery.   She wouldn't take me inside even though I asked to see the huge flowers hanging from the ceiling in the foyer.   No time today, she said and promised we would see some street art instead.
Interesting variety of street art in Auckland.
One street had seats with words on them so that from the end nearest the Public Library with WORD

one letter per seat changed until you reached the other end near some cafes where the seat was DEED.

I liked that one - it made sense.   Word, Wore, Lore, Lord, Load, Lead, Head, Heed, Deed - very intelligent!! Turn Word into Deed  ha ha!
Not like this silver bead thingy,

or this warrior,

or this yellow knot,

or this statue of the first Governor General,

or this "front of a canoe"

This blue braille installation was in the foyer of a high rise building - she found a plaque which told me what it said as she can't read braille but it was a Maori legend and didn't make much sense to me.

Queen Street is their main street and it runs from the sea up the hill. 

Down by the sea is all activity at the moment as they are preparing for a big party and fireworks on Friday night when that Rugby World Cup finally starts.   I was worried they might be using this rugby ball to play with but she told me not to be silly!!

She's very worried I don't have suitable footwear but there's nothing to my taste nor my size in any of the shops.  Colorful shoes in this one though.  
And flags everywhere , all over the city.    On the way home I saw this from the bus window

and felt just a tiny bit homesick.   But tomorrow she and I and the HDHBEM are on our way south for a visit to Little Brother on his farm.   She's charging her camera batteries as I write this so I will do another blog post on my return.
Ka Kite Anou


  1. I will look forward to the farm photos. Still enjoying my "virtual" tour.

  2. Well, Miss Margaret, I have good news and bad news for you.

    The good news is that everybody here at Chez Spinster is positively enthralled with your fair city.

    The bad news is that Stewey has decided to pack his bags and take up residence there.

    THANK YOU! for the tour so far. I'm loving every moment of it!

  3. I think you've definitely been the best hostess so far. She's probably glad to see the back of me!