Tuesday, 13 September 2011

At last - sheep and lambs

Hello again
If you remember she told me that Spring in New Zealand always means daffodils and lambs.  Well it is Spring and on our road trip we saw lots and lots of both.  Its a great colour combination and my artistic eye thought that verdant green, egg yolk yellow and pristine white go well together.   Ha ha ha!
I was really persistent in making sure she took photographs and here's a collage of the cute little fluffy lambs.   Most of the mother sheep had triplets or twins which the HDHBEM tells me makes the farmer man happy.   I felt rather sorry for the mother sheep though - those little lambs are Very Energetic!
Lots of sheep means lots of wool and New Zealanders like knitting, almost as much as they like quilting, needlework and rugby!
The HDHBEM knits and knits and knits -  and on our trip she saw this sign.   I thought she was supposed to have poor sight but when I murmured something to that effect, she sternly told me that those letters were bigger than the top line of the Opthalmologists chart and she can read that!
 I also said it looked like another cafe but there was no dissuading the HDHBEM.   Here's a photo of the outside - it does look like a cafe doesn't it?

But inside is a knitters paradise.   The HDHBEM was in knitter heaven and when we came out we had two huge bags of wool.   Increased stash for HDHBEM.   Happy smiles for the shop assistant -  hope she was on commission!!  

Here's a view of some of  the stash.   Apparently my hostess is to help skein these hanks - I'm really thankful my hands are too small as there's a lot of work ahead.

In the good old days when she only knew about big needles, my hostess used to knit too.   One of her friends was rude enough to draw this cartoon of her

and when I laughed too much she set up a photo shoot for me with my friend Mr Merino.   Tee hee!   I am a real New Zealander now!!  Look at me knitting - straight off the sheeps back!

And just to let you know -  this road trip has really tired me out so I am going to settle in my little sleeping pod and rest for a few days.   She said to tell you that there are still some other places she wants to visit and that I am not to book my tickets just yet.   Besides which the accompanying luggage is still not completely sorted out, and my next hostess hasn't been decided so I am happily staying here in New Zealand a little longer.
Anyway Ka Kite Anou to you all.


  1. Маргарет! У вас весна! Красиво!!! Пряжа красивая! И очень веселый рисунок!!!

  2. Margaret, I think you asked about a chart a few weeks ago - I kept an eye out for it and it is available at welcomestitch. If you get it, happy stitching.. I'm sure it will be beautiful!