Wednesday, 21 September 2011

An answer for Adele

Good evening all.   Adele was asking for a close up shot of the whitework panel in "my masterpiece".   I see that I had only one shot..... this one

Not very good is it???   So I very carefully took this one through the glass of the completed sampler.

This one isn't very good either.   Oh dear.
And so Adele, I hope that helps.   I seemed to take so many photographs of the progress of this sampler but obviously didn't get every element!  
I'd highly recommend this sampler to anyone -  see The Gift of Stitching site for details
Well I'm off now to do my dinner dishes and then to complete the final ornament in my "12 days of Christmas" series.
Talk to you all again at the weekend.


  1. Margaret, Thank you for taking the time to photograph this area of the sampler. When my eyes were better, I made a couple of whitework samplers, but no longer can do this type of stitching. Your work is beautiful! Adele