Friday, 26 August 2011

Madame Muriel Flat Flossie has arrived in New Zealand

Kia Ora Koutou
My travelling pod was mighty comfortable but it is a long way to Aotearoa!   You guys in The States probably don't know that word but I have been here half a day and am already absorbing the Maori culture - at least my new hostess tells me what to say and I dutifully repeat it.  Tena Koutou . Ko Madame Muriel Flat Flossie tenei.
She's no expert in the geography of the USA and I had to ask her to get out the big atlas and show her where Mishawaka is.  

Really small printing in that atlas -  I had to look for ages to find it.   Then she asked me why it was so small when famous people like Stewey, Bosco, Aunty Chrissy and Stewey's Mum lived there.  No answer to that one folks!
Next she showed me where I had come to.  

There's an awful lot of that blue colour in between us so I made certain to tell her that I don't swim. She said not to worry as Air New Zealand has a really good reputation and she will make sure I travel on the Kiwi airline.   Kiwi?   Tonight she introduced me to Kiwi -  a native bird of this tiny country, the kiwi doesn't have wings, can't fly and only comes out at night.   Travel is supposed to broaden horizons and increase experience but jet lag ensures I don't really understand how a bird can't fly!
My passport has generated a lot of interest - nobody here has seen such a unique one and they asked me why there was no identity chip in it.   Apparently the 'Kiwis' (not the birds silly that's what these New Zealanders call themselves) need an identity chip in their passports if they enter the United States.   Anyway, as usual my timing is impeccable.   She and her elderly mother who is called HDHBEM (??) are going on holiday very soon and will take me with them to the Gumboot Capital of the World.   I just want to see some sheep and some of this "Clean Green New Zealand" that the travel brochures promised me.  
Well folks, I'm real tired and I need to find out where my guest room is and have me some shut eye.   She and the HDHBEM live in a small two bedroom apartment and I expressed concern that my snoring might keep them awake but HDHBEM said not to worry, she snores the loudest of all!
Good night all. Ka Kite Anou


  1. Glad you made it safely over the seas MMFF and look forward to hearing about your adventures in Kiwiland.

  2. So nice to hear from you again Miss Muriel. I can assure you, you will love it in NZ. Not only is it a most beautiful country, but the Kiwi's are very nice too. I spent this year a 6 week vacation in Kiwi country and enjoyed every second of it.
    Is that little Kiwi next to you a new friend of yours? You 2 look very cute together :)

  3. So glad that Miss Muriel made it safely to New Zealand!

  4. I was so happy to read about Muriel making it to NZ - I am sure she will have a great time visiting!!

  5. Nice to hear you arrived safe and sound. Glad to see you back on the blog waves. Please, get some rest so you can travel through the country and keep us updated.

  6. Looking forward to the full report on your trip with Margaret and her mother!

  7. Glad to read that Miss Muriel made it safe to New Zealand, and I'm really looking forward to reading about her adventures. I'm just a bit jealous, since I've always wanted to visit New Zealand and haven't had the chance yet. I'll have to live vicariously though Miss Muriel.