Sunday, 21 August 2011

Where does time fly to?

What a week!   Time has flown by and yesterday I had to spend all day at work.   Well, it was the annual Expomania (Trade Show come Sales Conference) and I spent the whole day dressed up in a T Shirt two sizes too big, in a colour that doesn't suit me, standing talking to people anxious to demonstrate stationery and office products -  when all I do is pay their bills!  

The theme this year was SuperHeroes and almost every stand had a photo opportunity.   In the course of half a day I was variously, Sellotape Man, Oki Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and several others. 

So last night I spent on the sofa stitching -  and trying to keep awake until the end of Lewis.   Despite the tiredness I did actually guess "who dunnit"  and completed the sixth ornament.   Not a great shot but I am stitching in one thread of DMC floss over one thread of 28 count Cashel linen.  The chart called for the lighter colour geese to be a mixture of two different colour flosses.   Impossible when stitching with one thread of floss -  so the great decision was made and my geese are beige and brown!

My elderly eyes are asking for a visit to the optometrist but unfortunately the practice I have loyally supported for over twenty years has sold out to one of the big chains.   So my loyalties have shifted too and I have found another "boutique optometrist"   This is a snapshot of his current window display.   Seems he and I are likely to get along just fine -  obviously he loves books as I do!

 We have a great public library system here in Auckland with a very speedy request and reserve feature.   I also have a full wall of bookshelves in my room so I suffer from no lack of reading material.   However last week Simon on "Stuck In A Book" introduced me to these

Ex Libris   by  Anne Fadiman

and I have enjoyed reading slowly through them devouring each word.   No Speed Reading here!   At the same time I am accumulating a list of "Books that Must be Read" and another of "Books that Must be Purchased".    Thank you Simon!
In just over two weeks I have five days annual leave and I am already crafting my 'priority list'.   Needlework shops and Secondhand Bookshops feature high.
Hope you are all enjoying good weather.   Have a great evening


  1. hello ms. margaret, interesting books! Howard's End is on the Landing? :)

    your stitches are very beautiful.. i wonder what they were thinking of when they wrote the instructions? 2 colors, sew over one 1 thread? :))

    thanks for dropping by the other day!

  2. Well done you for entering into the spirit of the trade show! So nice to see what you look like! Enjoy your time off, Needleworks shops in the plural? Lucky you.

  3. Stitching over one still scares me, I've done it a few times but don't enjoy the process. I envy people who stitch over one and also those who stitch on high count linen. Anything over 32 count is high count to me.

  4. You make a great Superhero!
    If I'm converting an over 2 chart to stitching over 1 and the orginal chart shows tweeding, I do the bottom /// in one of the colours and the top \\\ in the other colour. It makes a nice effect.