Sunday, 7 August 2011

A rainy day just suitable for stitching

Hello everyone -  today has been like this

so I have been inside working on this

and re-reading this

Well!   I am very tired after spending almost all day yesterday baking ( and shopping for a Slow Cooker) and cooking.
Tomorrow the HDHBEM has her second cataract operation and while she is in theatre I am making an excursion to the conveniently close Ribbon Rose Needlework Shop to stock up on threads for my Shepherds Bush piece and for the Japanese Needlework Accessories piece.   Watch this space!
Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. I'm waiting here for a true rainy day! It's been cloudy here and looks like rain, but it seems to be going all around us!! Good luck to your mother tomorrow! You'll have to show us what goodies you find too.

  2. I hope all goes well tomorrow - enjoy your trip to the needlework shop. We've had two rainy days this weekend, pretty miserable.

  3. Stitching and reading are the best ways to spend a rainy day! I really like the blue that you are using. I hope you mother's operation goes well tomorrow andwish her all the best.

  4. Hope all goes fine tomorrow. Wishing you lots of fun in the needlework shop.
    Love your stitching

  5. Best wishes for your mom's operation tomorrow! It's very rainy and dull where I am too, and reading and stitching sounds like a plan to me :) Your WIP looks lovely; the blue is so serene!