Saturday, 27 August 2011

Out and About

Good Morning All, I am well rested and can't wait to show you some of my adventures today.   First up.   I have a room with a view!!!   She kindly took some pictures so I can show you what I saw when I first opened the curtains and looked out.

Yes!   A great volcano looming over me.   She said it is extinct but I know and you know,  that scientists cannot always be trusted.   I don't mind telling you I'm worried.   Besides this volcano there are seven or eight others dotted around this city!   I asked for a clearer shot so you could see what I saw, but somehow her focus shifted off me and I told "never do that to me again." 

Her garden has some pretty flowers - it is Spring in New Zealand folks and apparently baby lambs are a sign of Spring in this country.   I have asked her to show me some lambs and she promised to try and fit that in when we go on our road trip.

New Zealanders have a national sport called rugby and in two weeks the World Cup of Rugby is starting - right here!   She and the HDHBEM live about 10 minutes walk from Eden Park which is the holy grail of NZ rugby.   She took me there today but when I saw the size of the stadium and surroundings I excused myself from the photos and sat in the car with HDHBEM while 'she' went mad and took photos to show you.  

Seems a bit hypocritical of her really as she told me herself that she has no interest in rugby and only likes it when the NZ team wins.   She called them the All Blacks but as I haven't seen one in real life I cannot vouch for their colour at all.
She's got chores to do she tells me and as I always have my stitching to hand, I will find a place in the sun and keep quiet.   I don't think there will be daily updates but rest assured I am enjoying myself and will have plenty to tell you all when I come to visit your house.
Ka Kite Anou (that's Maori language for See You Soon -  but more about the Maori's later)


  1. Glad Flossie made it ok to your home. Glad she is having a good time. I do think she is a little worried by all those Volcanos. lol
    That is one real close to your home I see..

  2. Glad you're loving it at Margaret's place. Tell her please Hi from me too.
    Looking forward to see more of your stay in beautiful NZ. :)

  3. I'm enjoying a trip round your local area along with Flossie.