Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Progress Report HCS 8

Good evening all.   I have been diligently stitching on the Historic Countries Sampler and finally the France section is complete.  It was fun to stitch this but I am left mystified at what the brown "thing" is to the right of the tree shape.   The notes didn't give any information about that.

I did the initials in the same colourways as the Memory Book -  a subtle significance that may well be missed by any future generations who view this piece!   I am well over half way now and so have begun dreaming of what I will do next.   This is a big piece but only four countries to go now.

This morning the postman rang the bell and brought me another box from my friend Sonoko.   Of course I opened it immediately and had a brief look at all the wonderful goodies inside!   Here's a small sample.

First there were several beautifully wrapped packages of Kagoshima Cookies, Ramen Noodles and Kagoshima Pork - how did that one get past the Customs Officer??

Next were beautiful handmade bead key ring dollies -  with instructions from Sonoko to share with the HDHBEM and Little Sister!   Three of these cute little people.   I think they will look great on my Christmas Tree ;-)

And aren't these strawberries beautiful -  sparkly and colourful. 
Now wasn't that a great present -  no wonder I was a little late for work.   I wore a broad smile all day -  even the boss commented on that!
Have a great evening everyone.   I'm back to my chair to start stitching the England Before 1700 section.


  1. I love watching your HCS Sampler progressing. You are working so quickly. I can see that you are really loving what you are doing on this wonderful sampler. And it's so large. It put's my "Time and Season" sampler to shame, considering how long I have been stitching it! Can't wait to see it finished. It will look stunning.

    The little brown thing could be an axe, it looks like a tool of some sort to me.

    Look forward to your next update.

    Mary Joan

  2. Wow that is some huge wip. Beautiful gifts from your friend. x

  3. Your sampler is getting more and more amazing. The colors are so pretty (I especially like the fleur-de-lis -- I love blues/purples) and I think using the same colourways as the Memory Book for your initials is pure genious! Maybe you should print today's blog entry and somehow tack it to the back of your work? A little bit o' trivia for the future generations! Will thrill the folks at Antiques Roadshow someday! ;O)

    Beautiful, delicate and yummy-looking gifties from your friend!

  4. You are doing so well on the sampler, it's looking great.

  5. What a great way to start your day! The beaded ornaments are all really cute.

    Your sampler is looking great! I can't believe how far you have gotten with this so quickly. It's gorgeous!

  6. This sampler looks great!! So nice to watch it progress!!

  7. Wow, great progress! You will have it finished in no time - it is so inspiring to watch your progress! I am working on France now and still loving this sampler. It is interesting to see that we have the same initials :)

    Great gift received - the beaded items are so cute.

    Looking forward to your next update!