Saturday, 21 May 2011

A surprise package from Kazumi and an embroidery update

The mailman brought this surprise package from my friend Kazumi.   A small soft Rabbit, a pretty butterfly mat, a pictorial guide of the Rembrant exhibition she had been to and this wonderful tulip "mascot" were among the contents -  along with a wonderful long letter!

 Sorry the photos aren't too wonderful but at least you can see some of my  goodies. 

And here's acloseup of the golden tulip which is now hanging from the strap of my handbag so although it is Autumn here the tulips are blooming at my house!   Thankyou so very much Kazumi.

This afternoon was Embroiderers Guild and I finally stitched the last of the Christmas Pyramid  -  the top of the H will go on tonight!   

I have also been stitching on a strawberry biscornu (a free chart from Gift Of Stitching).   There are seven more daisies to go on this and then the back to stitch.  

Saturday night is my TV watching marathon and I am sure that Antiques Road Show and then Midsomer Murders will give me enough time to finish the stitching on both these pieces.   However the construction will have to wait until later on.

Last Thursday I had an assessment at the gym and was surprised to find I had lost 6kg!   My reaction was one of total surprise but Patrice (my trainer) was overjoyed.   He's French and was hugely expressive of his approval - apparently all the scientific measurements etc were vastly improved too.   At times I wished he didn't push me so hard but Thursday night was not one of those nights.    I was soooo happy (if not quite as expressive as Patrice!) 

We leave tomorrow for a short break at Papamoa Beach and I will be away from all computer contact but intend to do a lot of stitching, a lot of reading and also a lot of shopping.   My favourite clothes shop is near where we stay so I have already phoned Jan and asked her to look out some things for me.

Keep stitching hard everyone -  I look forward to seeing all your updates on my return

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  1. Enjoy your break Margaret and thanks for the information on the Daisy Winder - it was really interesting.