Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm back!

We had a lovely break away at Papamoa Beach  -  four days of beautiful golden weather and then the Weatherman heard I was on holiday and ordered up a storm.   Packing the car and driving home in the gales and torrential rain was no fun but we arrived safely and for that I am thankful.
Our motel was right on the beach front and I enjoyed walks on the sand, while from behind the picture windows I sat in my armchair and stitched away on a piece of handquilting for a gift.  No photos of that at present but here are some of "our place"

The HDHBEM took her knitting but as you will see from these photos she also took her wallet - and increased her stash!!! 

This little yarn store had a huge stock and Wallet and Mother had a great time.   Look at the snap of the stash -  how many little garments do you think this will make for the Hospice Shop next winter?  

Maybe more than 16 - that was just the reflection of our motel number.   Here's the stash in all its glory!

But not contented Wallet and Mother paid a second visit to the store and added another 20 balls of yarn to this total!!
Well I'm off to do some stitching now and will be back tomorrow with some more photos and hopefully and update of the stitching.
Have a good evening everyone!

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  1. Great holiday pics - and the wool - WOW! What a great knit-fest Mum will have.
    Happy stitching for you and knitting for Mum.