Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Progress Report HCS 7 and the HDHBEM

Hello everyone, at last I have some progress to report.

First up -  the HBHDEM has completed 25 childrens sweaters and cardigans all of which are now buttoned and decorated as necessary.   Next Saturday we will deliver them to the local Hospice Shop but before that in the bright sunlight of Easter we had a marathon photo session. 

Some of the 2011 stock!

And yet there's more!

Buttons on some .....

And decorations on others.

And now guess what the HDHBEM is doing?????   Yes, another sweater!
She aims to beat her record of 25 and has begun the "sweater and cardigan quest 2012" already!!   (And in case you want to know, she is watching Top Gear in total concentration and seemed immune to the photo so I'm safe)

Secondly, I have returned to my first love-  the Historic Countries Sampler.   I am still passionately in love with this and the big central "heart" shaped section came together really well.  This is the progress so far -  over half way now and I can feel myself speeding up in an effort to get to the end.

The America section was actually number 12 of the GOS chart but I am working top to bottom left to right to avoid working over my stitching.   With America complete I made an immediate start on France and the red medallions were the first portion of that.  

After France I go back to the extreme top left and that is England prior to 1700; then Italy, Australia, Scotland and all will be done.   By that stage the New Zealand Inland Revenue should have processed my tax refund and I will be able to visit Sarah the framer ;-)   I already have the space on my wall booked for this.


  1. Wow! Your mother's sweaters are impressive! I'm sure the hospice is going to be thrilled to receive those lovelies. (We love Top Gear here too!)

    Your sampler is stunning! Love all those colors!

  2. What a huge amount of knitting - great patience indeed. I love your sampler - the colours are so cheery.

  3. How wonderful of your mother to make all those sweaters for the children! They are lovely! Great progress on your sampler!

  4. You mom must have a huge heart! The kids will love them I'm sure. I love the little red decoration on the red sweater. Good luck to her for beating her record of 25 sweaters!

    You're making great progress on the Sampler. I can't believe how much you've accomplished since you posted a pic of it in March (I went back to look cause it just seemed to me like there was a whole lot of progress made). Great job Margaret! At this rate you'll be done in no time!

  5. Your mother is amazing to have knitted so many beautiful sweaters. I am sure they will be appreciated greatly.

    Your sampler is looking beautiful!

  6. The sweaters are adorable,little children will have warm wearing them :)

    The memory book is amazing ,I have never seen a project like that..

    I really admire Your work with the Historical Countryes Sampler,you have been very busy with it :)

  7. Your mother is simply amazing! What a sweetheart she is. And so talented. I love the decorations on the sweaters.

    Your Historic Countries sampler is really coming along now. It will be so nice to see it framed. Whatever will you do when it's done, LOL?!