Monday, 5 November 2018

Progress is being made

Visible progress is being made on the Octagonal Box.   Despite the fact that there are no specialty stitches to tempt me I am enjoying this one; even the over one lettering is fun.   And while stitching I have decided to make the needlework accessories that go into the box.   The reason being - I couldn't work out how to change the design of the words and remove "needlework" while retaining the overall balance of the design.
Anyway, here's progress -  I couldn't see why there was so much blue at the bottom until I took this photo.   But the missing words give the clue..."both sea and land to collect needlework treasures".   So squirrels or not the bottom had to be sea blue?!

Today my boss arrived back after ten days in Tokyo.  She and her husband went up specifically to go to the two All Blacks matches being played there and they had a wonderful time.   She brought back some sweeties for me.... White peach and melon flavoured Kitkats.
Apparently this was test run for them and if they liked it they would book to go back during the Rugby world Cup.   They loved it and are off to the travel agent very soon to book a longer trip and take in more of the country than they saw this visit.   I wonder if they need someone to carry their bags?


  1. Did you think those squirrels had ordinary tails? They are mersquirrel tails, fluffier than mermaids but still brilliant for swimming.

  2. The box looks great! I kind of like the differently coloured sections.

  3. What a lovely design Margaret, the colours are pretty and the shape unusual.