Monday, 29 October 2018

Halfway there

The sampler for the top of the octagonal box is progressing well.   I've changed the colour of the fruit on the trees - the pale peach charted just didn't do anything for me.   And the colour of the owl is several shades darker than the chart dictates.   Overall I think it works.
What didn't work is the discovery that the lettering is in one strand of floss over over thread of linen!   I'm very grateful the DBEM bought me an Ottlight for my birthday.   The strain on my eyes is much reduced but the lettering is still going to take quite a while to complete.
Hopefully you can read what it will say when fully stitched as it is going to take the veritable month of Sundays to reach the final D.   I'm going to remove the word Needlework and centre the word Treasures as I don't intend to stitch the pincushion, needlebook etc to go inside the box.
And on the stitchy update, good night to all


  1. Thanks for the picture - I was wonderfing what the words would be.

  2. I like your changes, it makes it so much brighter.

  3. It looks great! Personally, I'd suggest replacing the word 'needlework' rather than just deleting it to preserve the flow of the sentence...but I'm sure what ever you decide on will work out just fine ^_^