Sunday, 28 October 2018

At long last

Finally after all these years,  at breakfast today I got the chance to greet the Deaf Blind Elderly Mother with
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four
Her laughing answer was "But I need you and you feed me!   Happy Birthday".
But it wasn't just the ability to personalise the famous lyrics, the counter moved into significant territory.
Look!!  Exactly one year till retirement.
Birthdays lose their magic as the years go by and today probably goes on record as one of the quietest I have ever celebrated.   But then, it's hardly a significant number except to John, Paul, Ringo and George:-)   Next year is the big one when I receive my Golden Birthday card from the Government no less and become a superannuitant.
So on the note,  goodnight for now.   Stitching progress to report hopefully tomorrow.


  1. And a very happy birthday (belatedly) to you! I have to disagree - I still love birthdays, but I always was a bog kid.

    I thought DBEM meant Dearly Beloved Elderly Mother! Ooops.

  2. Many Happy Returns Margaret, it was my son's birthday yesterday. With the delightful governments over here I'm having to wait till I'm sixty sixty to be able to retire.

  3. A very blessed Birthday to you, Margaret.
    May contemplating retirement fill you with
    joy and anticipation....the time when the
    little girl returns to play...

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday!

  5. Awe, Happy Belated Birthday! And next year you'll really be celebrating!

  6. Happy birthday! There is a well-known German song about being 66, so you could have something special to celebrate for three years in a row if you want.

  7. Happy Very Belated Birthday! I have put it on the calendar for next year so I don't forget the momentous occasion!