Friday, 16 November 2018

The Octagonal Box - progress

Despite best efforts I’ve not gotten back to the my blog but do have progress to record on The Octagonal Box.  A slight senior moment in forgetting which was land and sea ended up with the blue where the green should have been but I reversed out of that corner and now the top and the four square sides are done. 

Just four rectangle sides and the base to go.   But....the base has the date on it so I may leave that till last.  The reason??   I am getting the hardanger itches again and have promised myself that when the outer "Land" layer of this box is done and before I start the inner "Sea" layer I will start some hardanger.   Indeed the DBEM and I are going out tomorrow to buy the Perle thread.   Well, we are actually going to buy Christmas cards but needlework store is close by so we will call there too.


  1. What a cliffhanger! Will you succumb to temptation or not? Waiting for the next installment!

    My bet is that temptation will win.

  2. LOVE the saying. You're making lots of headway.
    Sandy's Space

  3. Great progress! I'm curious to see what the inside will look like, but I'll be patiently waiting until your Hardanger itch is scratched!

  4. That is a gorgeous box lid. Can't wait to see how you finish it and all the accessories too.