Sunday, 25 November 2018

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

The top, bottom and outer sides of the Octagonal Box are now completed and I've made a start on the inner.   As Land is the theme of the outside so Sea is dominant in the inner.
This will be very colourful!   Since this photo I have added three yellow fish and have my eye on the octopus next.

But I had to scratch the Hardanger itch and have started a doily.   The foundations were laid with no reverse stitching so I am feeling mighty pleased with myself.
I made one of these doilies some years ago in a very well run SAL, Confetti of Hardanger from Bee's Needlework.   This time I am stitching for a 70th birthday early next year so hope all goes as well for the second attempt.
Two projects on the go?   Well thereby hangs a tale.   I was told that I'd been placed on the wait list for a pacemaker replacement and fully expected that to take some months given the state of the public health system.   Instead, I received a phone call last Monday to say they had booked me in for the next Monday so a frantic week at work ensuring everything was up to date, a few lists to ensure that all home chores were accounted for, a couple of garments cut out and prepped ready to sew and after the Last Supper tonight nil by mouth until bright and early tomorrow morning.     
The worst thing about all this?   Driving is forbidden for two weeks!!
The best thing?   Plenty of time for stitching, reading, sewing and probably some walking as I have only 80km to go to reach the 1000km target.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. I hope all goes well Margaret, I will be thinking about you and your mum as I know she will be worried about being on her own when you go into hospital.

  3. God be with you, Margaret dear. Praying
    you through.

  4. Many blessings to you and your mother. I hope your recovery is quick and pleasant. Enjoy your
    stitching time!

  5. I hope all went well with your surgery!
    I love those colourful little fishies, and the Hardanger too. Hopefully you'll make lots of progress on both!

  6. Lovely Seussian fishes! Hope the operation went well and you're back at home with Mum.

  7. Sounds like you have some good things lined up for your 2 weeks. Enjoy that part of it. I don't remember my Dad not being able to drive after his last replacement. I must ask him about that. Believe it was an in and out procedure? Love the fish and naturally thought of the children's book. You'll sail through the surgery, my best to you.
    Sandy's Space