Saturday, 1 December 2018

All the fishes in the deep blue sea

The inner base of the Octagonal Box is now complete.  It was fun stitching this one with its variety of fish and other sea creatures. 
Next step is to cut the pieces of Skirtex and lace each part and only then can assembly begin.   Such geometrical precision is beyond me at the moment so  I will continue on with my piece of hardanger for now.
My pacemaker replacement went according to plan and after an early start that morning I was home late afternoon in time to ensure the DBEM had a proper dinner!   During my convalescence I have done a lot of reading and sleeping but these last couple of days have felt much better and completed a couple of items off the sewing list.  The lengthy list of instructions included "Driving is not permitted for two weeks" so I have been walking everywhere and consequently am nearing my 1000km target.  945km as of today and I have until Christmas Day to complete the remaining 55km so all should be well.


  1. So glad your procedure went well and that
    you seem to be snapping back into activity.
    Pamper yourself a bit - after all, doctor's
    orders - with rest and relaxation and doing
    at leisure what you most enjoy. Your octagonal will be lovely and, without a doubt, you are the queen of hardanger..what
    a lovely piece.

  2. Great progress on your Hardanger project, I really like the colors.

  3. Glad all went well Margaret, enjoy your two weeks of walking - as long as the weather is good!

  4. Wonderful to hear you're doing well and getting things done!
    I love the sea piece, it looks like a fish bowl!
    The hardanger looks lovely, such a pretty pink colour.

  5. Glad to hear that all went well and you're walking half-way round the world too!
    Lovely work on both pieces in this post.

  6. I'm glad to her the procedure went well, and your stitching did too! Both projects look great.

  7. Me popping back in to wave hello as I made my blog rounds. Hoping you're feeling much better.
    Sandy's Space