Thursday, 12 July 2018


Here she is - finished!
This one came together very easily and while conflicted over whether she needs a button in the middle or not (currently not obviously) I'm happy with how she looks. 
And the geometry of the basket was no major drama either.
On the remaining square of linen I decided to try out another chart I had kept for years.
I have not managed to attain the same level of satisfaction with this one.   This was a chart only and had no instructions so the needle lace is an amateur effort.   Now I want to get a book or printed instructions or some such to try again and learn this properly.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?
The small bullion flowers in the corners were fun and seemed to work well but that flower in the middle was an effort and no where near a passing grade either.   However on red velvet for a book cover will make make a useful item which someone else may love.


  1. Your needleweaving is lovely! You're being too hard on yourself. And the biscornu is adorable. I think a button might detract.

  2. Have a look at Amazon UK Margaret, there is a book by Hazel Blomkamp called Needlelace Techniques. If it would help then I could order it for you. Just let me know.

  3. Your biscornu went together beautifully and the needlelace looks fine to me!
    A nice red background fabric will look lovely.

  4. Lovely work as usual. I really like you biscornu.

  5. The biscornu is very cute - I don't think it needs a button either.
    And I do think the needle lace looks great! You are applying very high standards to yourself.

  6. Yes to a button in my view! Love this pattern, made two and gave them both away, sigh!