Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bugs in the night


I have always worried that I wouldn't wake in the night of the DBEM called out.  However last night a small "event" confirmed that I could and in fact did.
At a little after 2am the DBEM called out to me that there was a large black cricket in the bathroom.  Could I come and dispose of it.  
Rather disbelieving and half asleep I stumbled through to the bathroom and looked for said cricket.   New spectacles or not I couldn't see anything until a slight tickle at my bare feet revealed a large cockroach.

Already dopey from the DBEM's lavish application of insect spray, the poor creature couldn't run fast enough to escape.  Once disposed of we both returned to bed where snores soon emerged from her bedroom while I lay awake for ages imagining my home invaded by both black crickets and brown cockroaches!


  1. Oh Margaret, that's horrible - I'm not a fan of any type of creepy crawly so I can just imagine how you felt going back to bed - my imagination would have run riot too!!

  2. Ugh! Very sorry about the icky bug, but glad your woke up at the call for help.

  3. Good to know you can wake up on call if needed, but maybe you'd be better of to pretend the whole affair was just a nightmare!