Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Trip to the City

Today I caught the bus into the City armed with my trusty shopping list.
First up was the optometrist to get my replacement spectacles underway. Surprise!  The insurance company had already been in contact and everything was in process.  Great, I will have them in two weeks.
Next I wanted a mini loaf tin.  Just one, not four, but these are sold in sealed plastic bubbles as sets of four.  Bother, I crossed that off the list and left them in the store.  Specialty kitchen shop or not I didn't want four!
But I did want a Lid Sid.  Do you know what he is?
I didn't realise he came as a twin.  Do you know now what they do?
Another clue
And here's the explanation. 
And now I'm about to do some stitching.   Perhaps a shot of that tomorrow.


  1. Those little lid Sid things look like something sold in Japan for holding the top down on the cup noodle containers so they can "cook" for three minutes after pouring the hot water in. I don't eat cup noodle very often, so when I do, I just lay the chop sticks across the lid to keep it down. Lid Sid is cute!

  2. I've never seen a "lid sid" but it's a great idea. Glad you're sorted with your glasses and that the insurance was in place for you. Hope you have a good weekend Margaret.

  3. It's good to read that you are healing after your fall and that you can now do some stitching. I hadn't heard of Lid Sid's before. It looks handier than balancing a lid open on a saucepan.

  4. Lid Sid is delightful and a great laugh as well - wonderful when useful things are fun as well, isn't it?

    Happy to hear you're able to be running errands and especially that you're up to stitching!