Sunday 4 October 2015

Cherry blossoms, shopping and stitching

Today I took the HD3QBEM to see some of the beautiful flowering cherries.   We don't have any on our section but there are may trees in the area and one or two streets nearby are avenues of pink cloud.   Very pretty.
We also went to the fabric store and the HD3QBEM chose three pieces of fabric for me to sew into summer tops for her.   We have a public holiday later this month and if I can get the fabric cut one evening beforehand I will go into assembly line production that weekend and then hopefully voila!
Yesterday was a regional embroidery day and it was fun to spend time with others and be stimulated by the projects they have done and are doing.   I persuaded one lady to let me photograph her cylindrical hussif and I plan on copying that next year.
One of our speakers Priscilla Lowry, is both a textile artist specialising in silk (fabric and yarn) and a university lecturer in medieval history.   She gave an illustrated talk on women and embroidery in medieval art.   It was fascinating and makes me wonder if I could somehow find the time to attend a few lectures before my longed for trip to the UK as it would certainly make visits to art galleries more interesting.   After her lecture she showed us many of the garments she has designed - wearable art in the true sense of the word.  
I did manage to find time last week to stitch some more on the Hardanger Jewelry Roll.   However I have now put this to sleep while I finish off a Christmas gift which is destined for overseas and needs to be posted at the beginning of November.   The hardanger is needed for March so can wait.   It is pretty though and I am really enjoying this project.
At Regional Day I needed something a little less all-consuming so did the foundation for an Angel Bookmark.   Yes!   This one will go to sleep for a while too but then I will stitch angels and hope that it will reduce my ever growing stress and put me in an angelic frame of mind:-)
Meanwhile I am off to finish the housework and cook the dinner.


Pamela said...

The flowering trees look like Japan. Your hardanger is beautiful.

Karen said...

I would have loved to attend the lecture on medieval art and seen her wearable art. :)
Pretty fabric for your Mom. I'm sure she will appreciate her new tops when they are done. Sounds like you have lots on the go. You're hardanger looks lovely.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The cherry blossom is lovely. Every year I mean to plant a hawthorn bush because I love the blossom on those too.
You should definitely attend some lectures, if only to help you decide what to prioritise. There is so much to see!