Sunday, 27 September 2015

A done and an almost-done

This week has been really busy without much stitching time, but I did manage a "done"
The little needle-book finally has it's tassel and bead closure.
I am rather pleased with this one as I particularly like the sampler front cover.
There is also an "almost-done" to celebrate too.  My jewelry roll has a large motif on the front and that is now complete.   The variegation in the floss is more evident in this.
I wish my oblique loop filling was more regular but perhaps when I give this a final press and pin out the picots to make them even then the oblique loops will cooperate too?     This roll takes almost a whole fat quarter of linen as it is self lined but in each corner there are small squares of 'waste' and I have used an unknown silk from stash to stitch these
I hope to make them into tiny scissor fobs which the Embroiderers Guild can sell - if I can find a source of cheap scissors as I doubt they would sell without the scissors attached.   What do you think?
Next Saturday is a regional day for the Guild and I have made a start on a hardanger bookmark as I need something simple to stitch while I listen and chat.   Kloster blocks and buttonhole stitch seem simple enough.   Before Saturday I have to bake the 2 dozen coffee and walnut muffins I promised to take for morning tea.   Currently the walnuts are in the shell so that will be tomorrow evenings job!  I was planning to do that tonight but the HD3QBEM needed her fingernails cut and that is always a nerve wracking task.  Yes, it is!  I am amazed at how much more difficult it is to cut someone else's nails :-(


  1. I like strawberries, they look so cute!

  2. Wonderful needlebook! I can see why you are pleased. Hope your mom is doing well.

  3. The red strawberries in the needlecase really make the sampler a show piece. The little tassel really adds to it as well. Very pretty piece. Love the jewellery roll as well. Very efficient to use up the scraps as scissor fobs for your guild. I think they're really pretty and would probably sell on their own.
    I was quite surprised that you are using walnuts in their shells for baking. I buy them in a package and they are already shelled and chopped.

  4. Wonderful sampler needle-book, pretty design! Love your Hardanger piece too...neat stitches! Judy

  5. Lovely strawberry. Wonderful hardanger.
    I cannot wait for the completion of wonderful scissor fobs.

  6. Your needlebook is exquisite, so beautifully stitched and finished too.
    Your hardanger is as lovely as ever.

  7. Pretty hardanger work, makes me want to start on something right now. Hope you will take a photo of your muffins, yum

  8. This looks like museum quality work - I'm amazed and in awe. Lovely.