Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And the month end accounting is ....

The end of the month was time for an accounting.   How did I do?

1.  Finish off strawberry pin keep - All done !
2.  Complete Mary Stewart Hussif -  yes All done !
3.  Finish hemming quilted placemats - yes again.  All done!
4.  Construct Advent "candles" for  Christmas Gift  - begun but not completed (not going quite according to plan )
5.  Tack out linen for hardanger jewellery roll -  another yes.  (And the stitching has begun)
6.   Lace linen panels of Sampler Casket - not yet :-(

All in all not bad considering that I probably failed as my list was longer than time available.
I will try not to fall into that trap again :-)

I did make a start on the Hardanger Jewelry Roll and am quite pleased with myself.   Not only did the tacking lines all match up as they should but the buttonhole row did too.  So voila -  a new beginning.
I have until mid-February to get this completed.   As well as this I have the Sampler Casket to finish, the Advent Candles will need to be completed, packaged and on their way by the end of October and the Strawberry needlecase and scissor fob need to be finished too.   So there will be no more new beginnings here until these items are off the list.
The HD3QBEM has a bad cold which I suspect she has generously passed on to me as my throat is a little sore.  So it is Coldrex and bed for me tonight.


  1. Excellent job Margaret! Definitely a productive month. You're stitching is beautiful.

    I hope you and your Mother feel better soon.

  2. Hope you are both over your colds soon! You are so good about finishing before you start anything new. I've found a new blackwork project I want to start, but I'm trying to wait until I finish the USA map.

  3. Great start on the new hardanger piece. It's always a relief when the two parts meet up!
    Hope you get over your colds soon.