Sunday, 13 September 2015

A very long week

It has been a very long week at our house.   The HD3QBEM has been unwell again, all week, cheerfully telling me very untruthfully each morning that she feels better than yesterday!   She has only been outdoors for two doctors visits and has had no oomph to do anything.   Tonight for the first time in two weeks she dried the evening dinner dishes.  I'm sure she feels very frustrated and unwell as she hasn't even picked up her knitting needles :-)

My needles have not been in use much either but last night I did  make a start on finishing the needlework tools that will go in the Sweet Strawberry Bag when it returns home.   Currently the bag is on display at the Auckland Regional Exhibition.
First a pin keep -  it was well nigh impossible to find green and red pins so these are a little mismatched
A teeny tiny scissors fob for a teeny tiny pair of scissors -  I opted for a felt leaf rather than the specified needle lace.  
And the front and back covers of a needlebook.   I need to make the lining pieces and then there will be a fabric hinge and the closure to design.   Can you tell I have not followed the instructions completely??
And on a completely different note -  there have been workmen in the area digging up the footpaths to lay (?) fibreoptic cable for ultra fast broadband.   At least I think that's what they are doing!   Anyway in the midst of all that this appeared.
No no no.   They are not retrieving the old cables using over sized chopsticks.   This is a recent addition to the city art works collection.   I like the way it brings a smile to the face each time I go past  although to be fair it did generate many Letters To The Editor in the daily paper.   But being a lover of soba noodles I just love this and am delighted to think that my city tax helped pay for it :-)


  1. Oh dear I hope your mum feels more like her old self soon.
    love the scissors keep, very pretty.

  2. I'm sorry to hear she isnt well again. It must be so hard on her. Love the needlebook. Can't wait to see it all put together

  3. Oh Margaret I hope your mum picks up very soon. She sounds so determined and she will be very frustrated as you say. Let's hope she's back to knitting soon and more like herself. I love your needlework, perfection no matter what you say.

  4. Hope your dear mum soon feels better! Your strawberry pieces are beautiful!

  5. Hope your mom is feeling better today and continues to improve. The little toolies are fabulous!

  6. Very sorry to hear that your Mom is still not well. I hope she feels better soon.

    All of your sewing tools look beautiful and I think the different shaded red and green pins just add character.

    I would love walking by those soba noodles too. I wasn't sure what they were though until I finished your post lol.

  7. Your mum must be really poorly if she can't even knit. Hope she's feeling better now.
    The strawberry with the mismatched pins is lovely and no, you can't tell the needle book was changed at all. It looks perfect the way it is.
    The sculpture is very interesting! We don't have much here, just a bronze fisherman with an outstretched arm who invariably gets a traffic cone placed over his hand.
    And a flight of swans for some random reason when our town is best known for its seagulls!

  8. Margaret, so happy I found you. Your work is lovely and I like hearing a little of your day to day. I like the statue too and we had a similar happening here in Ottawa with the installation of a giant iron spider at the National Art Gallery. Years later and people love it now. Take care

  9. Beautiful stitching. I love the pretty pin keep colours and also the tiny scissor fob. Needlebook is perfect. Just love all the work you do.