Sunday 25 October 2015

Bits and pieces

Life is getting in the way of stitching at the moment but I am making slow progress on crossing things off the list.
Today I packed up an unusual 'Advent Calendar' that will have to be in the post by 1 November if it is to reach its destination by 1 December.   Looks tempting doesn't it?
Then I am trying to use up the linen around the angels and have the outside of a needlebook completed.
I laced the first panel for the Sampler Casket and hope to do another tonight while watching Grand Designs.
The HD3QBEM and I are going up north for a long weekend in early November so I kitted up this cross stitch piece - all from stash which makes me really happy.  The linen is a 28 count fairly open weave so I expect that even hotel lighting should make stitching on this one possible.   I plan on making the purse only as I feel that I don't need any more needlebooks, pin holders, scissor fobs etc
Today was a beautiful warm Spring day so we went out for a drive to a local park and on the way called at The Ribbon Rose, my local needlework store.   But guess what?   The owner has decided recently to branch out into wool and has given over about one fifth of his store to the HD3QBEM's drug of choice.   And today, despite the vision impairment she spied a basket of bargains and we came home with this:-)
And the very best news?   Tomorrow is Labour Day in New Zealand and we have a public holiday to celebrate the 40 hour working week.   Strange feeling really, as despite working for the Government that in 1840 enacted that law, I have averaged 44.25 hours per week since commencing this job!!   However I will enjoy the day off and plan to stitch a new summer top for the HD3QBEM.   we are promised fine weather so I will also go for a walk, and cook the meals for the coming week.   But I don't need to do any cleaning as on Saturday I managed the usual basic house work as well as a full Spring Clean of the bathroom and the Linen Cupboard.  
I'm off to have a good week.


Pamela said...

As always, beautiful stitching! I look forward to seeing the Woodland Delight purse. Have a wonderful holiday from work.

KimM said...

What beautiful stitching! Have a great free day!!! Enjoy!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's an intriguing Advent Calendar. Your hardanger is looking great.
How exciting for your Mum to have a whole new shop to feed her addiction!