Monday 12 October 2015

I'm feeling a little angelic!

Despite this post being later than planned, I am feeling very pleased with myself.
Seven little angels all done.   The last time I attempted this bookmark the angels defeated me and I settled for a very ordinary Dove's Eye instead.  
So for this effort I read the instructions two or three times and worked very methodically and yay!
I'm not sure that the pink linen is quite appropriate but it is what I had in stash that matched the DMC perle in my tin.   Now I'm wondering what to stitch on the 'spare' linen of this piece.  I think there's room for another bookmark but I'm not sure about another 'angelic effort' straightaway.
There have been several nights of waking and gazing myopically at my alarm clock to read 6am and jumping out of bed only to find it was actually 3am or some other ungodly hour!   After the latest episode I decided to cash in one of my gift vouchers and get a clock that glowed in the dark and had clear numbers to read.  
I can't work out how to get the alarm to cooperate so the bell rings on the old clock but I tell the time on the new one.  And it works so well that I woke at 3am this morning so it has been a long day.

Now, I do have a very interesting book so will sign off and go back to that.   Has anyone else read "My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me" by Jennifer Teege.    A German-Nigerian woman happens to pluck a library book from the shelf and recognises photos of her mother and grandmother in the book.  She also discovers the horrifying fact that her grandfather was Amon Goeth, the vicious Nazi commandant of Schindlers List.  This book is her journey to comprehend her family's haunted history.   Not a book to be devoured in one speed reading marathon, nor perhaps too late at night.   However I am finding this a gripping read and recommend it after only 25 pages!

Good night all.


Gillie said...

Oh my gosh, those angels are terrific! Mm, definitely not a late at night one or to be picked up at 3am, either!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those Angels are amazing! They do look really tricky to get the weaving done just right.

Pamela said...

Those little angels are amazing! I've never tried anything like that. Great job!

Maggie said...

The bookmark is gorgeous, you did an amazing job with those angels.
The book sounds interesting and something that i would enjoy, thanks for the recommendation.

Lesnes said...

I linked over from another blog. Amazing, delicate embroidary. A lifetime ago I embroidered crinoline ladies and flowers but then branched into other textile work. I know that I could never create anything as fine and delicate as you do - such patience and skill