Sunday, 26 July 2015


The strawberry bag is now finished.
I am pleased with this one and walked around the fabric shop trying unsuccessfully to get a green silk for the lining before coming home and delving back into stash.
This scarlet chinese silk is not an exact match but it looks OK and at least I could do the happy dance!   Now I am working on the red and green blackwork pinkeep.  There is a strawberry scissor fob and a needlebook too but once the pinkeep is done I will put this project on hold as there are two other items of higher priority on the "To Do List".
Yesterday I went to see Grant, my friendly optometrist.   Apparently my eyes are stable but he agreed that my embroidery spectacles could do with increased magnification.  Thankfully I had taken a piece of stitching with me, so I stitched a little while he measured and calculated and in a week or two I will have new lenses.  On that happy note I walked the length of the city's main shopping street and crossed off several items from my list before coming home to the usual weekend chores.
This afternoon I braved the rain to go to the library and now the latest Daniel Silva book is calling out to me.  However so are the dinner dishes and the preparation of this week's lunches, so duty needs to come before pleasure.


  1. un risultato veramente delizioso complimenti

  2. Oh Margaret, this bag is fabulous! I can see why you are so pleased.
    You are so good to do the dishes and prepare the week's lunches before picking up your newest library book. (I sometimes leave the dinner dishes until morning, but don't tell anyone.)

  3. Just perfect Margaret, what a lovely piece of needlework from start to finish. The chores are endless are they not - today is my day for catching up and I'm just about to begin:-)

  4. Just beautiful, I have enjoyed watching your progress so much.

  5. What a beautiful bag, your finishing is already so lovely.

  6. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is gorgeous, just perfect, love the design and colours.