Saturday, 11 July 2015

I will I will... I hope I will

Currently I have two WIPs that I am determined to finish which will give me time to decide on my next project.  My Sampler Casket needs to be finish-finished and there are also two pieces that need construction and some quilted placemats that need a binding.   Sounds like enough to keep me busy doesn't it?
However today the HD3QBEM had a list of chores that needed doing so we went off into the City and I parked her at the yarn shop while I trudged walked up and down Queen Street (the main shopping street) and crossed items off the list.   Profitable day?
Yes, at least for the HD3QBEM!   She came home with some more yarn and oodles of inspiration....and a heavy dose of impatience to complete the current project so she can start a new one.   Maybe my disease is genetic?
While on my walk up and down I stumbled across a new-to-me shop.   Well I thought it was a new one and in a friendly tone of voice said to the lady "I'm so pleased to find a new handwork shop" and her "somewhere from the North American continent" accent popped my balloon,  with a frigid "I've had this store since last November"!   Really?   Anyway it was interesting and I intend to go back and have a more thorough look around in a couple of weeks when I go into the City again.   Isn't it fortunate that my optometrist has his rooms so very near this delightful shop?
This morning was a white white frost here.   Fortunately Auckland is in the north of the country as the polar blast that swept up from the south deposited snow and lots of it but the tank had run dry when it reached our city so we only got the cold and frost.   But the days are fine and the sunrises are breathtaking so I try to make complaints few.   Frosty and fine is far better than rain in my book.
And now I am off to make dinner and settle down for the evening.


  1. Your mom is an inspiration! It seems so odd to read about winter when we are enjoying summer here in Hokkaido.

  2. ............. when what she should have said is how nice it was to see you there for the first time!
    I love to see your mum and her stash, it makes me feel good to see her enjoying her knitting.
    Enjoy your weekend Margaret.

  3. Last November? That's absolutely brand new! People still refer to the shop where I work by the previous name and it's been over eight years since it changed owner. Actually quite a few refer to it by the name from the 1980s and frequently ask "didn't you use to have a cafe?"
    "Yes, in the 1980s!"

  4. Um, she perhaps needs to go back to, or attend for first time, the nearest Charm School. What an extraordinary comment and I quite agree with Ann.
    Me too, love to see pictures of your Mum too. Definitely genetic, lol!

  5. A lot of people think it would be great to have a shop. Not all of them are cut out for the customer service piece of it. At least it's there!