Saturday, 18 July 2015

Strawberries grow well in the rain

Today it is really wet and windy.   I defied the weather to go out and cross off my list of chores -getting drenched in the process.  
However being confined indoors has done wonders for my stitching and the strawberries are growing. They look good don't you think?
I find it harder to do the cream flowers, aged eyesight etc but they do look effective.  There's a needlebook, pinkeep and scissor fob to complete this set.   In faith I dated this 2015!
My quilted placemats need the binding hand finished and I'll do that tonight.   I'm still dithering over the colour for lining my Sampler Casket so no progress there.   But I do have the buckram cut for my Advent Candles so will soon have those done.
And now my Date and Orange Loaf is out of the oven, the Miso Meat Balls are in baking, Chicken Soup is in the slow cooker and I have a book and a cup of tea.   See you later!


  1. Busy, busy, busy Margaret, you are always so industrious. Your weather doesn't sound too appealing, I hope it picks up. Mind you last night with us was very windy and extremely wet too and it's our summer!!

  2. I really like this piece! I love little toolie sets.

  3. Your stitching is amazing, I looked back at your hardanger and it is beautiful.. but with such a busy life and looking after your HD3QBEM as well, where do you find the time? Sorry your NZ weather is so very wintery at this time, but your spring can't be that far away. Thank you for your comment on my blog, this broken arm is b----- awful!

  4. Amazing work. such a pretty design. Our weather here in Spain is boiling, hardly anyone in the streets today - all at the beach.

  5. Explanation of degree levels....1st Honours, then 2:1 then 2.2 then a 3rd... so 2:1 is an excellent score. Thank you for visiting my blog.