Friday, 26 September 2014


Today was my last day at work.   For the pedants out there, please note I do not say my last day of work!   In November I plan to look for something part time and less stressful but meantime it is me-time.
Tomorrow I begin my "month off" with a list of chores (some of them belonging to the HD3QBEM) and a rummage,  clean out, tidy up of my stash cupboard.   I am so looking forward to that.  Who knows what treasures I will unearth?   I plan on selling on TradeMe (the New Zealand eBay) some of the charts that I know I will never stitch - and with the proceeds I will of course buy more stash to fill the spaces:-)
Tonight I finished the ring of roses on my sewing bag.   Can you see the eight rosebuds in a ring around the centre?  Only two butterflies, two crowns to fill the centre ring and then the last corner.   The end is in sight but I am still in love with this project and looking forward to constructing it and beginning to actually use the bag.
The bluebells in my garden burst into bloom on the day that Scotland voted NO.   Wise bluebells.
I love them and look forward to them each Spring.   In honour of the referendum and my bluebells I kitted up this and plan on making a start as soon as Ring O Roses is finished.  It will not be a mini cushion -  dependent on finished size I am thinking a book cover?
And so I am off to bed, rather too excited to sleep well, so I may start one of my pile of Library Books.  


  1. Good luck for the future, in the meantime, enjoy your time at home :-)

  2. Best wishes for lots of fun things to share here during your time off! Lovely sewing bag.

  3. I hope you enjoy your month catching up Margaret, take time to relax too. I like your new choice for stitching - very topical:-)

  4. The ring of roses is gorgeous! Enjoy your free month - free time goes so quickly. I hope you find a great part-time low stress position next month.

  5. best wishes my dear..
    sending you big hugs xx

  6. Your stitching is amazing, as always. Take care of yourself and enjoy your "me" time.

  7. I wish I could be there for the grand stash clearing, I bet there are some treasures hidden in the depths.
    I think the cushion is the perfect idea to celebrate our continued union. As an English person I am pleased that Scotland is staying with us.