Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Two finishes

Today is the second day of my "holiday".   Sorting through my stash cupboard was fun and I have a box of charts that I will try and sell on Trade Me (when my brother-in-law is back home in NZ and able to help me) as well as a box of "want to do next" charts.  
Currently Little Sister and her husband are driving a Dodge along Route 66 and we get nightly updates of photos on Facebook.   Thank you Little Sister (if you are reading this).   But today I went out for a late lunch with a friend and as it is a beautiful sunny day I walked there and back.   Past the flowers

and ..... past Route 66!!
See, Little Sister.   You don't need to go to America to visit Route 66;-)

I have two finishes to show
Ring O Roses is now waiting for me to choose the lining fabric -  currently I am trying to decide between a red silky fabric to match the floss or a plain linen the same as the foundation fabric.   No decision yet so construction will have to wait.  
I made a small Sunbonnet Sally for this Pocket Fob and will look for a chain or suitable leather thonging to make this a gift for a friend.   Sally looks quite colorful in this doesn't she?
My Hexagon epic continues and I have so far stitched together almost half the required surface area of the runner.   There will need to be several additions to even up the sides before I can even think about the backing.   My middle finger on the right hand tends to get a hole in it from pushing the needle through on the hexies so I can only proceed slowly.   I am pleased with the random Granny look of this one.
Our temperatures are rising and I no longer have need for woollen socks so washed them all up to put away for the summer.   The HD3QBEM tells many people, "Margaret has lots of woollen socks" so this photo is to prove to her that I really don't have a surplus, only what is necessary :-)
Today I have been sewing so once dinner is finished, I will hem up the two pairs of trousers and sew the bias binding on my new silk nightdress.   I unpicked a Ready To Wear pair of trousers to trace off a pattern and then sewed them up again.   A long winded process to hopefully ensure I can replicate the fit of trousers that I love.   
So far so good on The List.   Tomorrow is some baking, some more sewing and then I will need to run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet - sewing does tend to leave lots of threads lying about.


  1. Beautiful stitching and lovely flowers :)
    Sweet hugs xx

  2. The flowers are beautiful, a girl can never have to many pairs of socks and you are so disciplined in making and sticking to a schedule. Your needlework is beautiful

  3. You are such a busy bee Margaret. What a great way to ensure a good fit in trousers. I'm glad you're making the most of your time this month - enjoy it.

  4. Ring O Roses looks amazing and the pocket fob is very cute. I'm jealous of your socks! Mine are all boring store-bought black.

  5. Delurking to say love the Ring O Roses. You certainly are off to a productive start.

  6. Ring O Roses looks great. Can't wait to see what you decide to do about the lining. I love your hexagons!

  7. Your Ring O Roses looks lovely. I am quite intrigued by the negative space in it and the extra bits of the corners. I am sure all will be revealed when you finish it.