Saturday, 25 October 2014

The List

A week's holiday and there is not a lot to show for it.
We went to see Little Brother but the weather was not kind and I only saw the lambs and calves from the window.  Little Brother's wife did have the bright idea of some photos so here you are - The HD3QBEM et al
I read a lot of books and did some stitching.   However, on reflection I think I may have been over optimistic to think I would finish all three projects I took.
The nametag is done and will hopefully be constructed this weekend.
I started on the Baby Blue "envelope" design by Lynn Nicoletti.

The United Kingdom emblem design also got started.  
These are all stitched from stash so there is a feel-good factor involved here :-)
Yesterday, the first day home from holiday, was devoted to unpacking, laundry and a jig-saw puzzle. Of course!   A 1000 piece jigsaw is on The List and there are only a few days remaining so the pressure is on.   The HD3QBEM is of course no use at these visual pursuits so it was me, myself and I!   This morning after breakfast I finished it.   Now what do you think the last piece of the puzzle was?   Not the sparkling sapphire ring.   Not the pearly white teeth.   Not the tiara.   No, it was a piece of Prince William's balding pate :-)
Apres Jigsaw, I made a concerted effort to complete the Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen (all done!) and so crossed another item off another list.  Then this afternoon, the HD3QBEM and I crossed another item off the list and played tourist in our own city by riding the circle line, known here as the Outerlink Bus.   It was fun and we both enjoyed it, even if we embarrassed ourselves with this selfie.


  1. I always enjoy seeing photos of you and your family. Your mum is looking good. Your name tag is neat and I do like the new emblem you're stitching - it's a nice mix.

  2. Lovely photo my dear and your mom is looking so sweet and I love your stitching so much
    Big hugs x

  3. I love the family photo! Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  4. Nice photo of you both with the not so little brother! He is so tall!
    Your stitching is lovely, I really like the name badge.
    It was also nice to revisit your list, you've achieved so many of those things, well done!

  5. It is such a nice feeling to tick things off a to-do list. The name tag looks good.
    I, too, love riding the city buses just for fun.

  6. Love the family photos. Your stitching is so sweet - can hardly wait to see the name tag all done up.