Sunday, 21 September 2014

I made a ball

Thank you to all those who gave ideas for baby gifts.   I have made a start and this patchwork ball is now complete.   One thing I have learnt is that pentagons are not as easy to sew as hexagons.   But this was all made from materials in my stash cupboard so that makes me happy and I hope the ball will make the baby and parents happy as well.
Now I am working exclusively on Ring O Roses and thought I would have had progress to show but unfortunately desire outran performance and I am in the process of reverse stitching yesterday's progress and the end result is a frustrating zero.   Only three more pages of the chart, four Dorset buttons, twenty buttonhole rings and a day of construction before the happy dance.
Only one more week of work and I can then start on my holiday list of things to do.   The list now covers one A4 sheet of paper so I am not lacking in chores;-)  I intend doing the spring cleaning, a small painting job on one of the windowsills  and my summer sewing -  all to be completed by the end of October.   But top of the list and not defined as a chore is to tidy through my stash cupboard.   I am excited about that and guess I will wake early on Saturday morning.
Tonight Hercule Poirot is to die (on our TV that is) and as the HD3BEM and I are both fans we will be watching that.   A change from the excessive political analysis which fills all other channels as we are the day after general elections here in New Zealand.   Some may be unhappy with the election results but I feel my vote counted and I prefer the colour blue (National Party) to red (Labour Party)!


  1. Gorgeous baby gift ~ I am sure it will be very well appreciated. Enjoy Poirot ... one of my fav's ... J

  2. So pretty and so cute..I love it so much xx

  3. Glad the political result was what you wanted. You don't hang about when it comes to getting started with gift making Margaret. You sound as though you're going to be very busy. I'm still sorting my craft room after taking delivery of the new unit - I think I'll be there for days to come.

  4. the ball turned out great! I'm guessing it was fiddly towards the end? So jealous of your month off work, I'd love a month off as I have a list at least 3 A4 pages long!
    I hear you on the excessive political reporting. Scotland had their referendum on Thursday and despite the fact I live in England, not Scotland, the entire media was centred around that for weeks in advance. In the week before the referendum it was the only thing reported on, so the day of the referendum (when media is banned from reporting on campaigns) I was surprised to hear that other (more important IMO) things had been happening around the globe...

  5. That is a lovely ball. You did a great job!

    I hope you have (are having? Am I really behind?) a great holiday.