Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Multiplying Hexagons

Off and on I continue to join hexagons together and when I "measured" up on top of the blanket box I was very happy to see that I am near the end.  
The dark 'holes' you can see in this shot are gaps that need filling, then one more such row, the edge and the backing.   Yes!   The end is in sight.   Wanting a Granny's Quilt effect means I have been trying to be random.   What an oxymoron that is!   Random happens and is not created.   However I am pleased with progress so far -  indeed I am now officially addicted and until Saturday when I have more time, The Mermaid's Chest has been laid aside and I am patching.
The HD3QBEM has some new toys after a visit to the Low Vision Specialist and can once again read large print books and her Bible, do her crosswords and sudoku and keep up to date on the Royal news in her weekly magazine - all with the aid of her fancy German magnifier.  
And for her knitting, a fancy neck slung frame with a built in light so now she can thread needles (darning needles with wool you understand) and pick up the occasional dropped stitch.   We are both very happy and grateful to the German engineers at Zeiss.   And as an aside, we will take out shares in the Electricity company ;-)   All the lights on in our room at night would make any good ecologist cringe!
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Aww lots of sweet work and your busy hands
    I love it
    Big hugs x

  2. So wonderful about your mom! Quality of life is so important!! Laura

  3. Love the hexies and very pleased that the HD3QBEM has new gadgets to continue doing her own hobbies x

  4. I am so impressed with your mum's determination to keep crafting - it's great that she has been able to find new aids that work for her.

  5. I'm glad that the Low Vision Specialist and Zeiss have been able to help your mum. Your hexagons are lovely!

  6. Your hexagons look great and I love when your mom is the star of the blog!
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  7. Nice progress on the quilting.

    My Mum pays alot of money for the Zeiss lenses in her glasses, she has a complicated prescription but she swears by them. They are the best thing ever!